Client Testimonials

"Working with Ben has supported my goal to improve the culture in my department above and beyond! Ben provides a supportive and confidential space to discuss barriers and celebrate successes. Ben is amazing at asking thought provoking questions that lead to me to developing a plan of action or viewing an issue with a different perspective. I have been able to utilize many of the skills on a regular basis that I have acquired while working with Ben. 

I highly recommend (and already have!) one on one coaching with Ben! If you are looking to enhance your leadership skills, Ben is your person! Coaching sessions with Ben has been one of the best experiences for my professional growth."


"Before working with Ben, I was afraid of leadership. I thought I could avoid speaking to others in leadership positions. I was less confident than where I am today - overall afraid to fail and would easily give up. I feared speaking to crowds/giving presentations, and becoming more in touch with my feelings and expressing them clearly. I didn’t trust my ability to lead and think outside the box.

After working with Ben, I'm able to speak comfortably, confidently and look forward to the opportunity to continue to speak and be heard. I opened up to my team members. I started to seek more ways outside of work to continue to grow myself as a leader. I’ve learned how to make my presentations more detailed without adding every boring fact. I'm able to speak clearly and not trip over my words. I've become more efficient with my time and how I lead the team.

Ben wants the best for you and your growth, whether that's in life, work etc. Ben shows you what you can accomplish and gives you a road map. If you want someone to motivate you, push you, and make you aware what's holding you back from success, Ben’s the guy!"

Derrick J.Systems Engineer + Team Lead

"I'm stoked to write a testimonial for Ben, my executive coach. Before I started working with him, I felt overwhelmed and lacked the confidence to tackle certain situations in my business and personal life. I was struggling with communication and conflict resolution, which was affecting my ability to achieve my goals.

I tried to fix things on my own, but it wasn't working as effectively as I’d like. When I was presented with the opportunity to work with Ben, I was super excited! I was looking forward to getting clarity in my thinking and accountability from a 3rd party.

At first, I was hesitant to work with a coach, but Ben put me at ease from our first session. He's been a game-changer for me, giving me the confidence and strategies to navigate tough situations. His approach is hands-on, and he keeps me accountable, which has helped me achieve my goals.

I love Ben's positive energy and his genuine desire to see me succeed. He's helped me make important business and life decisions that have led to positive outcomes.

If you need a coach, Ben's your guy. He's knowledgeable, supportive, and insightful. He's helped me achieve things I never thought possible, and I'm so grateful for our work together."

Trent W.Founder + CEO

"Prior to working with Ben I was a new manager feeling overwhelmed in my new role leading a team and managing multiple programs. Some of my biggest issues were learning how to equitably delegate projects and work without taking on the work myself, learning how to navigate the politics in my new place of employment, and establishing collaborative relationships with other leaders within my new organization.

At first I tried reading articles and also attending webinars around the topics of communication and leadership. While the articles and webinars were good sources of information, I found the personal coaching relationship to be more meaningful and applicable. Having a coaching conversation with Ben gave me an opportunity to explore options that I might not have ever considered myself.

After working with Ben, I have seen a change with how I frame the challenges presented to me at work. Ben has helped me identify tools to identify the positive aspects of my challenges. Working with Ben has helped me step back away from a challenge to recognize the bigger picture and consider other perspectives.

Ben is so easy to talk to! He makes room for you to share your ideas and experiences. Ben asks thoughtful questions that will help you see that there are so many different ways to resolve challenges. He is a joy to have as a coach!"

Julie N.Training Manager

"When I began working with Ben I had just started a new role, with little training and experience. My lack of experience and training were compounding the stresses already present in my life.

Ben's sessions have helped me to understand my emotions, process my new stresses better, and how to deal with my professional anxiety over this huge transition. I learned how to deal with these emotions, how to trust in myself and my ability in this new role. We worked through some public speaking skills and speaking structure to improve my confidence and ability in client meetings helping me to come off as more confident and well spoken. During the first couple of months of the job, I worked long hours and I'd be up until 4am working. He helped me to manage my time better and how to utilize it more efficiently.

I had never been in this type of role before and so I was not confident and quiet in meetings even for things I built and understood. Over the course of my sessions I've utilized what he has taught me to become a better engineer and public speaker, this inturn helps me to work with our clients when demoing new features, building new features, and overall he has given me a better mindset behind the job which directly translates into my work and its quality.

I would recommend Ben’s services to all my colleagues. He has a keen understanding of what skills and mindsets are necessary to transform your outlook and work ethic, as someone who has never participated in something like this before I was hesitant at first, but from day one Ben was able to understand where I was and created the perfect sessions and lessons to improve all professional areas I was having issues in. Ben goes above and beyond, since day one he has made it clear that if we needed to talk outside of sessions he would be available."

Quinn D.AI Engineer

"Before working with Ben, I was feeling lost and uncertain. I had tried to process things on my own, and it didn’t go very well. I made little progress and wasted a lot of time. 

And now, after working with Ben, I see everything differently.  My real challenges weren’t what I thought they were, and I can see that clear as day now.

Ben is on another level. His ability to get you thinking and processing things differently will help you move forward. I am so thankful for my coaching relationship with Ben as now I am able to serve my own clients better."

George D.Gym Owner

"When I started working with Ben, I wanted to restore some balance and normalcy to my region. I was anxious and concerned about being judged.  My main challenge was internal - the fight within myself. I lacked self-awareness and the ability to change and feel for others rather than simply solve the task at hand.  I had not tried to solve this before because I wasn’t even aware of what I was doing. I was unaware of the concerns, issues and pain that my actions created for my teams. I was comfortable with the decisions and choices I made.  I felt I was a good leader because I was a high achiever and got the job done.

From the first day, Ben took the edge off of the shame I felt from being in a position of needing help.  I was afraid of being vulnerable, and Ben helped me to be okay with sharing, caring and knowing the strength of vulnerability.  I was raised to believe it is weak to show feelings.  Ben provided the space to allow me to open up, drop all pretense and start in that moment.

Working with Ben reminded me how I can show grace with others, because we are all spared and saved by grace.  The assessment tools identified that no other person in my units was like me and also helped me to identify how to best work with them. I actually brought Ben in to do the assessment with the whole team and they loved it."

Nessa G.Regional Director

"Before working with Ben, I was without direction and things were chaotic. I had just switched into a new role and it was challenging to say the least. We were a fresh team with fresh people with implementations staring us down and not alot of leadership. I didn’t have a lot of faith in myself.

Then I started working with Ben and literally everything changed. I felt creative vision and purpose like I hadn't in a long time. On top of all of that I was able to not only energize myself to take steps in my personal and professional life for the better but was able to also encourage others on my team and in my life to do that same. I had many tremendous takeaways from our talks, and I certainly could not have gotten through some of the dark times of these implementations without Ben’s support. I went from many shakey situations to now having everything in hand and being able to not only face the issues with the job and in my life but absolutely overcome them.

Well we were able to do basically the impossible in a month. Ben kept me sane during this push towards victory. His advice and guidance has been invaluable during this season of work and has allowed us to make some amazing wins and make the clients very happy with our progress. We took a project that was spiraling and dying and took it to the finish line and that would not have been possible without the constant support and counsel from Ben.

If you want to turn things around, talk to Ben. If you wanna supercharge your life, talk to Ben!"

Jared W.AI Engineer